Announcing AirStack Sandbox


Firmware Development Kit for the AIR-T

AirStack Sandbox is the new FPGA development kit for customers to deploy their own intellectual property (IP) on the AIR-T's FPGA. The Deepwave team has worked tirelessly to abstract away all of the complications of writing custom firmware and has now enabled our customers to interact with the FPGA in an extremely simplified interface. Difficult board specific system management (power, clocking, timing, bus architecture) are handled by Deepwave developers and AirStack software. Customers can immediately begin to utilize FPGA computational resources without the long initial development times typical of bringing up an entire system.

Customers are able to insert their own IP cores into the FPGA for their own application which may include

  • Custom signal processing blocks,
  • Communication physical layers,
  • Pre-processing for deep learning applications, or
  • Feature extraction.

With Sandbox + AirStack, the fully power of the AIR-T's FPGA, GPU, and CPUs are now at your disposal.


AirStack Sandbox Contents

  • A top level System Verilog design that instantiates the Deepwave Digital IP core, AXI4-Lite registers, and wiring for basic receive and transmit functionality
  • An example AXI4-Lite register space for user control and status registers
  • Required timing scripts
  • All requried Vivado files1 for each AIR-T model


Familiar Interface

AirStack Sandbox works flawlessly with the AIR-T's AirStack API. AirStack 0.4.0+ contains all of the necessary drivers and Python interfaces for deployment of custom signal processing blocks.


Available Now

AirStack Sandbox is an add-on license to the AirStack API and is only available directly through Deepwave Digital. Contact us today to get more information or to make a purchase.

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[1] AirStack Sandbox leverages IP cores that are licensed for free from Xilinx when using Vivado. The JESD204B license must be obtained from Xilinx; however, the evaluation version is compatible with AirStack Sandbox.