New AIR-T Enclosures

AIR-T Enclosures Fresh off the Production Line

We have just received our first production versions of the new AIR-T software defined radio enclosure and it is beautiful. If you already have and AIR-T, you can order a kit today to protect your SDR. If you are thinking about acquiring our GPU enabled SDR, make sure to talk with us about the enclosure.

The enclosure is expertly constructed from aluminum to produce a polished, elegant, and sleek metallic silver finish. It measures 192 x 182 x 79 mm (7.5 x 7.2 3.1 inches) and the power button illuminates blue when they system is on. All RF ports are brought to the front of the enclosure for ease of use and all computer peripherals connections are brought to the rear.

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AIR-T Enclosure Front

AIR-T Enclosure Back