Web access to a remote AIR-T
What is AirNet?

Deepwave has created a network of AIR-T units for customer testing. When using AirNet, users are granted secure and encrypted remote access to one of Deepwave Digital’s AI radio systems. AirNet will allow you to test-drive the hardware, receive signals over the air, deploy and test your machine learning algorithm, or just become familiar with our radios.

What will AirNet allow me to test?

When remotely logged in to the AirNet radio network, you will have the full functionality of the AIR-T system with the latest version of AirStack installed. Users will be able to:

What hardware is available?


The Deepwave AirNet radio network supports testing with the following AIR-T models:

Every AirNet device will have dual RF antennas attached to the receiver ports for customer usage and testing. Due to FCC regulations we cannot not allow users to transmit signals. In addition, users will be granted 400 GB of storage space.

All data on each test unit is securely wiped between users. The first time that you remotely access your AirNet device, the basic virtual environments will be created along with any special configurations requested on the signup form.

What software will I need to log in remotely to the AirNet radio network?


Once you sign up for AirNet and are granted access, the only software that you will need on your local computer is an SSH client. If you are logging in from a computer running Windows 10 or later, you can use the OpenSSH client that is included with those versions of the operating system. Other popular free clients for Windows are PuTTY and MobaXterm. If you are logging in from a Linux machine, you can use the SSH client included with your distribution.

What is the cost of AirNet access?


AirNet is currently in its testing phase and is therefore offered free of charge to customers and users. Because it is a free hardware-based network and demand is high, access to each AI Radio on our network is determined on a case-by-case basis. To register for access to AirNet, please complete the AirNet signup form by clicking the button below.

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