Announcing the AIR7201 Embedded Model


Deepwave Digital is happy to announce that a new model for the AIR-T Embedded Series is now available on our website. The AIR7201 has 4x more FPGA resources allowing for the deployment of more complex signal processing and deep learning applications on the AIR-T. This increased compute power may be leveraged for pre-processing of signals, implementation of an industry standard or custom physical layer, or for feature extractions in deep learning applications.

The table below provides the technical specifications between the current AIR7101 and the new AIR7201 model. The radio front end, GPU, and CPU are unmodified allowing for existing applications to transition between the products.

FPGA Resources on AIR-T Embedded Series

AIR7101 AIR7201
Manufacturer Xilinx Xilinx
Family Artix-7 Artix-7
Model XC7A75T XC7A200T
LUTs 75,520 215,360
DSP48E1 Slices 180 740
Embedded Block RAM 3.78 kbits 13.14 kbits
Flash Memory (non-volatile) 256Mb 256Mb

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